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5 Facts On Why Casinos with Poker Room Are Safer than Standalone Ones.

A research recently conducted by a team of experts at KeyToCasino revealed interesting facts – a casino operating a poker room is statistically more reliable than a standalone one.

Facts were collected by comparing and evaluating almost 800 casinos from 337 companies based on their selection of languages, currencies, deposit methods, advertised and reported payout times, withdrawal limits, and players’ feedback – over 4.000 comments collected from several leading gambling forums.

Unibet casino was among analyzed brands. Founded at 1997, it is a well-known operator offering vast casino entertainment, plus a very own poker room. Visit Unibet casino review for more facts and numbers about this particular operator.

Here are five highlights of the research:

Fact 1: Non-payment risk at casinos running poker rooms is on average 8%, which is almost twice lower than at casinos without poker where statistics shows 13%. The non-payment risk at Unibet casino, for instance, is only 3%.

Fact 2: Payout time in standalone casinos usually extends to 11 days, as opposed to an average of 3 days for casinos with poker rooms.

Fact 3: Casinos with poker rooms are 9% more likely to offer you your language, and 15% more likely to give you a convenient deposit method with suitable currency. At Unibet casino being a real example there are up to 20 languages to choose from, and over 15 currencies.

Fact 4: Monthly withdrawal limits for casinos with poker rooms are usually 2.5 times higher than for standalone casinos.

Fact 5: Feedback from players is in 57% positive for casinos with poker rooms as opposed to 49% of praises addressed to standalone casinos.

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Poker News and poker views

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One of the core appeals of the family of poker games is the majority includes an element of skill. There is luck in play, since the cards dealt from the deck are subject to randomness that skill simply can’t control, but poker games require skill when it comes to assessing the potential strength or weakness of your hand and how you communicate that to other players. In contrast, most casino games played against the House involve no skill. However, the one exception is Blackjack. This classic game has a famously low house edge and only learning the skill of strategic play) will deliver you that advantage. Read more

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