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Run It Once - Galfond's New Online Poker Site

Postby TheSquirrel » Tue Jan 29, 2019 8:59 pm

Sadly I know that no one comes here anymore but for the record Phil Galfond is currently beta testing a new poker site called Run It Once (RIO). They have been giving away 30 euros free to those who invest a minimum of 10 euros to play in beta test mode. I signed up to be a tester a few weeks ago and didn't get selected, but this time I did. For me this is the nearest thing to real poker I have experienced online.

They do not have tournaments or stt's at the moment, which for me is a real down side as cash bores me, but I have enjoyed playing the last couple of days. They have 5/10 (10 euro buy in) PLO, and 5/10 (10 euro) + 10/25 (50 euro) NLHE.

If they eventually get some tourneys it will be great. Leave it to someone who is a PLO player to set up a decent site!
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