Congrats to Southport

The Promenade Southport Merseyside PR9 0DZ tel: 01704 504700
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Congrats to Southport

Postby Spacecowboy » Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:13 pm

A big congratulations to Southport Casino last night for what I thought was a well run comp. It was their 2nd end of the month £40 triple chance Freezeout with £500 added!
Now we all know that Southport has had it fair share of slagging offs on here by various people (me included) but give credit were credits due!

Matt & Carol have done an excellent job in listening to the players needs & suggestions and finally acting upon them. Southport is only a small casino but an extra table has been put in to accomadate the extra players the comps are now getting they have also employed extra dealers and last night comp was all dealer dealt which was proberly a first for S'port but still great to see. The dealers are all new so they have still got alot to learn but that will come in time (and seeing they only started last week with an hours training b4 hand they coped quite well)

They have even taken on extra waitresses that actually laugh & smile when you ask for a drink off them and also remember your order (whats the world coming to)

The comp was well run started on time and ended about 3pm a deal was struck between the 3 remaining players 2 from liverpool and a Southport local.

The numbers for Southport have been steadily going up over the past few months and it can only be put down to Matt and especially Carols hard work in the card room.

Keep up the good work!

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